Want to save some money when buying a new computer or laptop?

Computers and laptops can be very expensive. Buying refurbished computers and laptops are a great way to save money. We receive virtually untouched laptops and computers and restore them to their factory settings and wipe their data. All of our refurbished computers are as good as new condition and are fully tested.

We also offer on unwanted machines.

Looking for the latest and best?

Laser Toner Solutions stocks a range of brand new computers at unbeatable prices. Whether you're simply an internet browser or an avid gamer, we have the computers to suit your needs. If none of our computers fit your needs we'll make one to your preference with the latest and best hardware available.

What computer should I buy?

Our friendly, knowledgable staff are on-hand in-store to offer advice and recommendations to those looking to buy a computer or laptop. Our staff have over 25 years experience.

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