Welcome to Laser Toner Solutions…

L.T.S has been established since 1997 specialising in printer consumables i.e. ink and toner cartridges supplying local education and businesses throughout the UK.

We offer helpful relevant advice when purchasing printers, advising on future running costs and potential pitfalls to meet the customer requirements within budget. For example, cheap printer = expensive ink, in most cases. Manufacturers make money through ink / toner consumable costs as ‘cheap’ printers therselves have become disposable and can cost less than the price of a set of cartridges to run them!

We mainly supply and provide printers which are much more reasonable to run and are priced from around £60 to how high your budget or requirements, The cartridges on average print up to four times the printing compared to cheaper models and cost a fraction of the price, some as low as £2.00 each.

We have now expanded our range to offer more competitive pricing across a whole new range of stationery and welcome you to compare our prices with many national suppliers

L.T.S offers business accounts to both local and national customers supplying next day delivery. We have an experienced team providing money saving advice when ordering office stationery and printer consumables.

L.T.S is based on Airdrie main street with a retail shop available to the public and also a collection point for account customers.

Don’t delay, call us today! Tel: 01236 767500